Kennedy’s Champion Biscuit Tin, Cambridgeport Mass.,Scarce Antique, National Biscuit Company


This tin was made after the Bakery was added to the Nabisco company in 1898. I will include information about the bakery later in this listing from my blog on vintage The dimensions are 8” long by 4.5” wide and 4.25” high with lid on. The heavy alligatored surface is honest and comes from thick paint on metal stored in a very hot area such as a summer attic. Oxidation inside from age, very little rust and paint loss here and there. Please see all images in zoom mode. Great gift for the Cambridgeport, F.A. Kennedy Steam Bakery, Biscuit Tin Collector or Nabisco Fanatic. Photo Prop or Museum Item in spite of its cracqueleure. (#221AHAV 1-22-19/ E M55c 12-10-18)

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The texture was more extreme on this tin but again, extreme heat and thick enamel alligatored this surface as well. This company also has an amazing history to the bakery and its biscuits. F.A. Kennedy opened a bakery in Cambridgeport, Massachusetts in 1840 offering 3 kinds of biscuits – soda, butter and sugar. His son took over the bakery 20 years later and made improvements and even changed the location in Cambridgeport to enlarge production.

This was a steam bakery and worked slightly differently than a wood or coal fired bakery and needs another post and research. The son, Artemus Kennedy utilized a reel oven which baked batches in a ferris wheel contraption so a tray went in and by the time it came to the door it was done (to a turn) and replaced with a new tray of unbaked biscuits.

It was said that he purchased the recipe for for what he named Fig Newtons in 1891, which is a favorite of millions of people. They also made Lorna Doones and Social Tea Biscuits. The bakery was sold in a very similar time frame to the Bent and Company above to the New York Biscuit Company and in turn ended up in the over 110 bakeries under the umbrella of the National Biscuit Company which eventually became Nabisco.


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